Frequently asked questions

Is this an attended establishment ?

Yes, We are open daily from 7am-10pm, and our attended hours are as follows.. MONDAY 10am -3 pm 6pm-8pm
TUESDAY 6pm-8 pm
WEDNESDAY 9am – 3pm 6pm-9 pm
THURSDAY 6pm-8 pm
FRIDAY 10am – 3 pm 6pm-8 pm
SATURDAY 12 pm - 8 pm
SUNDAY 12 pm - 8 pm ATTENTION:
During the COVID-19 crisis our attended hours are limited which will affect our wash/fold service. Please call 651/702-5592 to determine if are will be able to assist your needs.

What time must the last wash be in ?

Lash wash must be started by 8:45 pm to ensure that there is enough time for load to be washed and dried before the facility is closed and alarms are set at 10:00 pm.

How do I pay ?

You can pay one of three ways to operate our equipment.. 1.) Coins (Quarters) 2.) Credit/ Debit Card. Keep in mind that there will be a $15 hold on your account which clears 24-48 hours when using this payment method. 3.) Using a Loyalty Member card. A cashless payment method without the holds, with reward incentives, that can be reloaded in store or online!

Is parking available ?

Yes, we have a parking lot right in front of the store :)

How do I get a Loyalty Member card?, Is there a fee ?

Apply at office during attended hours. We also provide cards in snack machine for a cost of $1.50. Which upon customer providing the white backer board, $1.50 will be refunded at office. Customer must register card online to obtain all the benefits to having a loyalty member card.

How do I load my loyalty card ?

1.) Loyalty card holders can reload card online at www.fascard.com 2.) Use the kiosk at loads of laundry where you can use cash or credit as payment.

What happens if I lose my Loyalty card ?

$1.50 does apply to request a second card. Which we can transfer all points and remaining balance to new card, not losing what was on prior card, ONLY IF, primary loyalty card was registered online. (Without doing so, remaining balance will be forfeited.)

How do I register my Loyalty card ?

Online at www.cardoakdale.com